A downloadable Don't forget me for Windows

- Don't forget me -

"Everybody has a chapter they don't read out loud"

Don't forget me is a game about mental illness (mainly depression), the loss of a loved one whether it be a family member or someone special in your life and the feeling of being alone or isolated, trapped in your own mind.

Please don't forget me.

Install instructions

Just extract the .rar file and click the .exe file to play! there's no main menu as of yet so you cannot exit the game any other way apart from ALT+TAB.

I hope you enjoy what little there is of this game! :D


SadSim_Version0.02a.rar 47 MB
SadSim_Version0.02b.rar 48 MB


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Enjoy! :D

This game is a prototype for a project I'm hoping to finish - If you believe this game has potential, then be sure to let me know! ;D

hi! i know this game came out not long ago, but i believe it has crazy amount of potential! i have been playing this game since you uploaded it and... for some weird reason... it holds a special place in my heart. and i agree, i have a multiple chapters in my life i don't like to talk about. my great aunt died when i was 4, my great grandma at 6, at 6 my aunt had a still born. my grandma has Alzheimer, and she has forgotten me, my mom, and her husband... my other great grandma had 2 or 3 heart attacks and is constantly in the hospital, about to die but somehow doesn't, which is amazing. my aunt has a disease and is constantly getting mad at my mom and then not talking to anyone over a Facebook message or not agreeing, overall... we haven't been able to talk to her for around 4 years combined each time, and my uncle (not my aunts husband i was talking about) changed religion and now hates everyone in our family including his own... 10 year old daughter. i am so lonely i pretend to have a second personality, and sometimes start to think it is true. i love this unfinished, weird, explainable game, for some reason it speaks to me. and i was wondering if you had this song on sound cloud, it is beautiful, and usually makes me cry.

to get back on topic, i hope you make this bigger and better, it has crazy potential and... so far... i love it!

bye, and i hope you make more, and amazing games.